Issue 3

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The Golfer's Journal.

A unique publication, The Golfer's Journal delivers exceptional photography and engaging stories about the places, history, people and culture that define the game.

In this issue...

Homage to the Hustle - From Titanic to Trevino, an appreciation of the game's characters who would go to great lengths to empty your wallet - Caleb Hannan

The Forever Fight - How to disabuse someone of the notion that golf is only an exclusionary, rich man's game? Start with it's image problem - Will Leitch

The Hawk's Hands - Piecing together the life and legacy of Anthony Ravielli, the artist behind golf's most iconic illustrations - Michael Croley

Lucid Dream - Examining the cultural and financial effects of a surreal golf experience in South Korea - Shane Bacon

A Club with Broad Shoulders - Taking the El Loop at Chicago's Canal Shores, where a band of diehards work every day to defend a course perpetually in peril - Jay Rigdon

...and much more.