Issue 1

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The Golfer's Journal.

A unique publication, The Golfer's Journal delivers exceptional photography and engaging stories about the places, history, people and culture that define the game.

In this issue...

That Evening in Aspen - Hunter S. Thompson introduced Terry McDonell to golf with LSD, liquor and live rounds - Terry McDonell

What Lies Beneath the Machair - A spontaneous visit to Askernish. The resurrected Old Tom Morris design - D.J. Piehowski

Public Defenders - As municipal golf faces the bulldozers, we go to the front line - Justin Housman

Route 13 - The remarkable origin story of the LPGA - Carrie Schrader

Book of Mulligan - Remembering Charlie Mulligan, one of the game's true characters - Jim Colton

...and much more.