The Sustainable Future of Golf?

Our latest blog is a concept. Parts of which, over time and with a more conscious mind-set, could become a reality. 

Imagine a golf course that worked in harmony with the planet rather than against it.

18 organic golf holes.

Influenced by the rugged British Links courses we admire so highly.

Where wildlife can thrive.

Maybe it doesn’t aspire to look like Augusta.

It might even be mowed slightly less frequently than the carpets you’re used to.

It will definitely be irrigated using recycled water.

The maintenance equipment will be electrically powered.

Charged by renewable sources.

Efficiency and playability will be appreciated and prioritised.

Where possible, the golfers will walk.

We’ll hit our tee shots off of consciously made tees.

Using regulated equipment.

Restraining the need to continuously lengthen courses.

And consume the latest gear.

The sweatshop polyester golf shirt will be a thing of the past.

Halfway huts will serve organic, locally made snacks.

The food will be a reflection of the local region.

Rules will be simplified.

Pace of play will be quicker.

Pitch marks will be repaired.

Green fees could even be reduced.

Reflecting the more self-sufficient nature of the course.

The sport becomes less exclusive and more accessible.

Isn’t this what we’ve always wanted?

A thriving sport that reciprocates with the natural environment that made it such a popular past time in the first place.


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