The Fescue Concept: Our Value Proposition for the Signature Merino Golf Shirt

Let’s Talk about Value for Money.

We estimate we spend 6 to 10 times more on the production of our Signature Merino Wool Polo Shirt, compared to the majority of competition operating at the same price point.

This can’t be excused by economies of scale. This is caused by an outdated retail model that provides you, the consumer, with shocking value for money.

We’re changing the model. We’re doing it our way. 


The Fabric

Let’s look at the most important part of the polo shirt, the fabric. The quality of the fabric and the relevance of it’s attributes are critical to any performance apparel. 

We’ve gone against the grain here and decided to make the fabric our biggest financial investment (by far). Most companies don’t. We estimate we spend 10 to 15 times more on the fabric than our competition operating at the same price point.  Just let that sink in for a second and consider where you want your money to go.

The Labour

Our Signature Shirt is Made in Britain. We could have gone to the far east and got it made for a lot less. We chose not to.  

Most importantly, British manufacturing is synonymous with Quality. If required, we can make improvements or resolve issues with an agility that wouldn’t be possible with a seven hour time difference.  No communication barrier, nothing is lost in translation. Our manufacturing partner is within driving distance, we can visit the factory and see the working conditions. If you were wondering, it’s located in an idyllic part of British countryside, near one of Britain’s main manufacturing hubs. It provides us access to highly skilled staff with decades of experience, and they are progressive enough to support part time or home workers for those that simply can’t commit to a full working week.

The Price.

Traditional retail models suggest we should charge £200 for our Signature Shirt. We wanted our product to be more accessible than that. This is how we’ve achieved it.

  • We sell direct to consumers avoiding the huge retail mark-ups. No middle man, no unnecessary levels of commission.
  • We don’t discount. We don’t have to factor potential reductions into the price.
  • We’re not seasonal. We’ve created a quality product that’s built to last. Why change it every six months.
  • We run a lean operation. No unnecessary expenses for the consumer to fund. We use our in-house skills to their maximum ability.
  • Our marketing budget is limited. What we do spend is focused on high quality content. You certainly won’t be funding the next Ferrari for The PGA’s finest touring golfer. You can help us here, simply by talking about us next time you’re on the course.
  • We’re independent. We answer to no-one. We’re not motivated by vast sums of money. Our decisions are driven by the desire to do the right thing. Not the thing that will improve our share price. 


We ask you to pay a fair price that reflects the true value and quality of the Signature Shirt. A price that doesn’t account for the unnecessary overheads of traditional retail.

The next time you go to make a purchase, do us a favour, please consider the true value of the item you’re buying.

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