The Benefits of Merino Wool for Golf Apparel

A naturally superior fabric.

The world of golf hasn't discovered the phenomenon that is merino wool. Until now. We selected Merino as the product for our Signature Golf Shirt and, once you've read the following, you'll see why we'll use nothing else.

1. Naturally elastic - Merino wool will stretch perfectly with your golf swing, enabling you to make that clean, uninterrupted stroke.

2. Thermoregulating - Cools you when it's hot. Warms you when it's cold. A true four season product.

3. Highly breathable - Wicks and absorbs moisture from the skin, releases into the air. Keeping you fresh for the entire round.

4. Extremely comfortable - Ultra-fine, very soft and non-itch. Giving an unrivalled, luxurious feel.

5. UV protection - Merino naturally absorbs those UV Rays. Probably not an issue for that Scottish links tour but if you're off to the Algarve...

6. Lightweight - All the exceptional features of Merino come in a small package. This isn't your standard heavy wool product.

7. Odour resistant - Antibacterial properties that will get you through to the 19th hole without any need to change. Exceptionally useful on that long weekend away.

8. Sustainable - Naturally produced from a renewable source and will biodegrade leaving no trace. Golf needs to reduce it's impact on the planet. Start here.

9. Easy care - Machine washable, anti-wrinkle and quick drying. This doesn't benefit your golf game but we love what it offers nonetheless.


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