Courtney & Co: A British button making revival

When it came to selecting the buttons for our Signature Shirt, one option stood out above all the rest. Courtney & Co. are a young company with the aim of preserving old traditions and have modern views of sustainability at the forefront of their minds.

The Story

The origins of Courtney & Co. are fascinating and this brief timeline clearly demonstrates the importance of their work.

Winter 2012: James Grove & Sons Ltd, a 155 year old button factory is shutting down. The last horn button maker in Britain is gone forever.

Summer 2013: Country Life Magazine publish an appeal in a last ditch attempt to save Britain’s button making heritage.

Magazine appeal to save british button manufacturing

Autumn 2016: Having responded to the appeal, restored the machinery and learnt the craft, Courtney & Co. is launched. Over 150 Years of heritage is saved. 

The Buttons

When we first got in touch with Courtney & Co. they instantly suggested we looked at their Codelite buttons.

Codelite is a modern take on the casein buttons, that were so popular during the first half of the 1900s. Produced from the proteins of milk, these buttons are a hard-wearing and sustainable alternative to the polyester buttons that put them out of business in the first place. If only we knew then, what we know now…

A likely feature on the shirts of Ben Hogan and a young Arnold Palmer, we felt this zero waste and EU certified biodegradable alternative was the perfect throwback to golf’s most stylish era.   

Crafted in the UK, using an ethos that is aligned with ours, we are incredibly proud to be provided with the opportunity to use these on our Signature Shirts.

Fescue Golf Signature Merino Shirt with Courtney and Co. Buttons


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